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Script for Digispot database version update:

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Script for Media-Planner Sales database version update:

System requirements

DIGISPOT® II software works on Intel-compatible machines under the following OS:

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows 7 SP1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2
  • Windows Server 2008 SP2
  • Windows Server 2012

Requirements for system performance are as follows (depending on software configuration):

  • Intel® Celeron® Processor G540T
  • RAM: 2Gb
  • HDD: 10Gb
  • Local network with a capacity of 100 Mbs
  • NTFS file system

The following software is required for correct performance:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP1 or higher;
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4;
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1;
  • Microsoft Visual C 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86);
  • Microsoft Visual C 2010 Redistributable Package (x86);

To work with Digispot II Media Database on one of the workstations (ideally on a dedicated server) it is required to install SQL server (SQL Server 2008 R2 Express / SQL Server 2012 Express) and respective version of SQL Server Native Client on each workplace.


  • At least one USB port
  • keyboard and mouse
  • soundcard

The DIGISPOT® II interface is optimized for 1024х768 pixels, 1280x1024 or higher is recommended.

What’s new for 2.16.2

Main changes

  • Support of various video frame frequency. Now you can set the system frequency to 23.976 / 24/25 / 29.97 / 30 frames per second;
  • Support for video cards BlackMagic using DeckLink SDK, the effective integration of DeckLink cards with different applications and codecs;
  • Support for remote control (RC) for consoles AEQ FORUM and AEQ CAPITOL.

New modules

  • The extension File Import in MDB allows you to import data from Excel and CSV files to MDB (also included in the versions 2.15.37, 2.16.0, 2.16.1);
  • Plug-in that allows you to send the metadata into the device Telos ProStream (also included in the versions 2.15.37, 2.16.0, 2.16.1).

New functions and revisions

  • DJin 777: #21405 Automatic change of retransmission channel from primary to standby and vice versa (automatic detection of signal in the channel).
  • MDB:
    • #23717 Automation of MDB cleaning mdb_clean, regular querying with SQL tools (also included in the versions 2.15.37, 2.16.0, 2.16.1);
    • #24287 More convenience while working with the fields with no predefined size of data (included in 2.15.37, 2.16.0, 2.16.1);
    • #24194 Check the necessary components and their versions in the structure of the database when you run the application;
    • #24192 You can receive the content of the schedule block as a xml-file;
    • #24288 The sending of the schedule via DDB is optimized;
    • #24142 The function of playback log recording is improved: some additional fields are saved into the log file (Database UID, Schedule ID , DB ID, MediaPlan ID, MediaItem ID);
    • Numerous improvements in the module of viewing the editing history of an element in the MDB (also included in the version 2.16.1).
  • RDB:
    • #24151 Saving DDB_OWNER and DDB_ID into the playback log;
    • #24477 DDB_ID transmission for schedule elements;
    • #24897 Transfer of user attributes when sending the schedules (also included in 2.16.1).
  • Task Scheduler: #17490 Option to track the progress of the tasks (included in 2.16.0, 2.16.1).
  • Data reserving system: #24951 Setting up the regularity of file backup in minutes, the values of the older versions are also converted from hours to minutes.
  • Administration System: #26021 Right to enable / disable components of the program.
  • #24324 Addition of fields of expanded filtration in reports on playback logs (also included in versions 2.16.0, 2.16.1).
  • #24324 The reports of playback logs of the module for editing the schedule became tabular, the filtering is available on all fields of the report (included in 2.16.0, 2.16.1).
  • #24152 Refinement of retransmission logs. The name of the channel, messages about status change and level of retransmission are added to the channel state log status.
  • #22501 The ability to split the channels of a sound file in the BCS Editor in two mono files (also included in the version 2.16.1).
  • #24900 Replication of schedules works for more than 2 days ahead.
  • Improvements on SJM:
    • #23948 Redesign of the view;
    • #22638 Jingle playback indicator is implemented;
    • #16155 Information about start/stop of audio playback is now recorded in the log;
    • #24498 All elements that are assigned to the button are recorded in the log;
    • #24499 Setting of the maximum speed of the faders with sliders for both the pages and buttons is added;
    • #25474 Setting of the parameters of fade-out durations for the page, the button and the whole SJM is added;
    • #25585 The format of Fader settings is changed from milliseconds to dB / sec;
    • #24497 A mode for file listening for broadcasting configuration is added.

Update history for 2.16.2

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