The most often used drivers and .cdu files.

1. TP-102M. Commutator 4 on 1 stereo. Driver. tr102.cdu.

2. TP-302-4. Block input/output audio signals to the workstation Track-2.

3. TP-314. Block USB-8GPI-8GPO. TR-314.cdu.

4. TP-315. Block USB-8GPI-8GPO. TR-315.cdu.

5. Driver for dongle Hasp/HardLock.

6. AXIA. axia_drv.cdu. axia_nod_init.cdu.

7. Digital mixing console Eela D3. eelaD3.cdu.

8. Djin Inserter. On-Air Station (send command to insert): rmt_main.cdu. Djin Inserter: rmt_local.cdu.

9. Server socket: server is listening on fixed port (in the example PORT 5555). tcp-server.cdu.

10. Client which connect to server socket (in the example IP PORT 5555). tcp-client.cdu.

11. .xml files which using for Internet broadcasting with I-Audio Service. On-Air Djin send meta-data to I-Audio Service: Djin.xml. I-Audio Service receive meta-data from On-Air Djin: iaudio_service.xml.

12. Client teamviewer for remote support. tvqs_tractsoft7.exe.

13. TP-318. Block USB-8GPI-8GPO. TR-318.cdu.

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