Selecting decrochage elements

To fill in the schedule with decrochage elements it is required to add the needed elements to each of the rules created earlier.

Using the EditBtn.png button, open the Select decrochage elements window:


To create new decrochage element select the needed element from the drop-down list and click on Add. You will now see a window that lets you select categories where the decrochage elements are stored. To select an element from the needed category you have to use the filter which is represented by the buttons C, J, M, B, N, respectively.


New categories can also be added to an existing element. The Scheduler will then search for these elements in these newly specified categories. To do this, select the needed element from the list of elements and click on Add. In the dialog box that appears, select the needed categories.

To delete a decrochage element, right-click on an element inside the element tree and click on Delete in the context menu.

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