Schedule reconciliation via playback log

Playback log used to transmit information about real duration of elements, their playback order and the duration of aired part of an element to external system.

To perform schedule reconciliation via playback log, the folder named Reconcile has to be created in SYSTEM directory of D3ServerConsoleHost service and specific configuration file should be placed there. For each of the required schedules should be created individual file.

The file should be named as follows: {schedule name}_Settings.xml, for example: 


The file should contain the following fields:

PlaybackLogPath1 - local playback logs path.
PlaybackLogPath2 - path to playback logs received via DDB.
ResultReconcileFilePath - path to resulting XML file that contains parameters for schedule reconciliation. The file is assembled based on information from the playback logs.


Music Master performs reconciliation if specific file Recon DIGISPOT XML.def was put in root directory (where mmd files are stored). The file contains the description of the way how to read the file that specified ResultReconcileFilePath parameters.

The following lines should be edited:

  • "SourcePath" should be changed to the actual path to "ReconcileSchedule.XML" (look at ResultReconcileFilePath parameters)
  • For "SongID" should be assigned cutID field identifier (set in Nexus server configuration)

To perform reconciliation in Music Mаster select Dataset -> Schedule in Music Master then select Reconcile and choose a day.

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