Smart Jingle Machine module (*DS-0-23)

Smart Jingle Machine (SJM) module is a new element of radio automation system DIGISPOT II. The module provides universal interface for playing of audio elements, decorating a program. GUI of this module is designed for working with touch-screen monitor which helps to combine Jingle-machine visual interface and button field for controlling of it.

Screen layout can be arranged with tabs; each of them representing audio decorating elements for verious programs@ e.g. for a morning show. That helps avoiding "overloading" GUI with too many elements which are not need always to be on a top.@

The most significant difference of the new Smart Jingle Machine is a new approach to selecting of the moment of start of musical elements.

SJM module is providing consonance while starting next jingle by means of automatic marking of audio elements; besides settings of the new Jingle Machine provide definition of rules of start of elements from stressed (strong) or unstressed (weak) beats. These settings provide smoother perception of a listener of change from one musical piece to a next one.

Important feature of the module is playing of preprepared sequences of jingles following one another, combined according to common accepted rules of musical harmony. Each audio element may have "main" or "background" status; the sequence can be formed with possibility to interrupt one element by another, or to play them simultaneously on a certain time frame.

SJM module provides possibility to change "mood" of a musical piece just in the process of playback.

All settings, in particular module GUI (layout of buttons, their outlook, playback indication, tabs etc) and associations of GUI controls with audio elements and their sequences can be performed in a special SJM Editor (DS-0-24). Layouts created by the editor are stored in MDB and could be opened on any working place with SJM module.

SJM module requires DB access license, MDB Client license (DS-7-01) or MDB Advanced Client License (DS-7-03).

SJM Editor module (DS-0-24).

SJM Editor provides means to create layouts of Smart Jingle Machine module. Preconfigured layouts much simplify work of DJ on air. This module constructs GUI of SJM module (buttons layout, color and font selection, choice of indicator of playback), assigning of audio elements and their sequences to the GUI controls, etc. SJM Editor can be installed on every working place which is planned to be used for SJM layout constructing. Layouts are stored in MDB, they could be loaded on every working place with SJM module. Playback of audio elements of the created layout could be performed only by SJM module.

SJM editor module requires DB access license, MDB Client license (DS-7-01) or MDB Advanced Client License (DS-7-03).

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