Signal detector

The signal detector module is designed to detect signal and inform the camera control module about the current state of signal.
Mani module window after signal detectors have been created:

Detector list can be edited with the help of buttons found on the instrument panel and / or from context menu.
The detectors properties can be edited in the dialog box:

Top level - a value that, when reached, triggers the "signal on" event.
Lower level - a value that, when reached, triggers the "signal off" event. If the signal has been absent for the whole duration of the "response time" period, it is considered as "off".

For camera control to be done by commands from the signal detector it is required to have an open fader.
The manual has the loop_gpi.cdu file attached to it. It should be placed in SYSTEM folder. After that you must relaunch DJin and in the View->GPI Status menu you’ll be able to control the indicators.
For instance, for GPI1 indicator to work in detector’s settings, you need to specify the bit value of detector used. In this particular case, the bit value is equal to 0.

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